8 Holiday Safety Tips to Keep in Mind This Year

8 Holiday Safety Tips to Keep in Mind This Year

Keeping the family safe during the holiday season requires some forethought and some carefully considered decisions. In order to ensure safety throughout this holiday season, here are a few tips to help reduce the chance of fires and other accidents.

Consider a Fire-Resistant Tree for Indoors

An artificial tree may not have the romance as a real one, but they can look quite realistic and offer many advantages. They can be reused, don’t shed needles, and are fire resistant. If you’re concerned about a fire in your home, look into a fire-resistant tree.

Cut a Few Inches Off Your Christmas Tree Trunk

Cutting a few inches from the trunk of your Christmas tree is a way to remove dry wood, which can catch fire in a home or confined space.

Water Your Christmas Tree Regularly

Always be sure to water your Christmas tree regularly to ensure it doesn’t dry out and become a fire hazard.

Choose Decorations and Ornaments Wisely

If you have young children in the house, avoid breakable ornaments or those with loose beads or baubles that can become a choking hazard. Again to reduce fire risk, steer clear from ornaments and tree decorations that require live flames or intense bulb wattage.

Only Use Outdoor Lighting For the Outdoors

When stringing lights outside, only use outdoor lighting and setups that are designed for outdoor weather.  Using the right equipment is necessary to prevent shorts and other electrical hazards.

Turn Off All Lights When Vacating the Home

Any time you are vacating your home during the holiday, be sure to disconnect holiday lights as well as electrified characters and decorative ornaments. Unplugging all electronics and decorations while you are gone helps reduce fire risks.

Consider Using Lighting Timers for the Holiday Season

If it’s too difficult for you to unplug everything every time you leave the house, consider using lighting timers to turn things off automatically for you.