Ways to Make Flossing Easier While Wearing Braces

If you wear braces, it is even more important that you floss regularly in order to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Because of the hardware in your mouth, particles of food will find more spaces on your teeth and in between them to stick around. If these particles of food are not regularly cleaned away, your chances of having problems with tooth decay go way up.

At the same time, your braces provide additional challenges when it comes to flossing correctly, because your teeth are harder to access. Fortunately, there are tricks and devices that can make the task easier.

Use Waxed Floss

You will likely find it easier to slide waxed floss between your teeth without it catching on the metal pieces of your braces. The floss can be threaded over and around the wires of your braces and pulled through to fit in between each of your teeth.

Purchase a Floss Threader

A floss threader can make it even easier to get in between your teeth. Simply thread a piece of floss though the eye of the threader and place the threader underneath the wire of your braces. Once you have done this, you can floss like you normally would.

Look Into Superfloss

Superfloss has a stiffened end that makes threading the floss underneath the wires easier.

Try a Pick

A pick is a simple device that is made up of a thin control arm and a small piece of floss. The pick is designed to eliminate the task of having to thread floss around the brace wiring using just your hands. These devices are designed to be highly durable and can even clean between back teeth effectively.

Find a Proxy Brush

The working part of a proxy brush flares out in a cone of bristles. It might remind you of a brush you use at the sink to clean glasses, but it is of course much smaller and the bristles are softer. The way the bristles fold when you stick them between your teeth make proxy brushes well-suited for getting around orthodontic wires.

Invest in a Water Jet

If you want even more cleaning power, a water jet can do the trick. This device usually comes with a small tank that you fill with water. You can then use the handheld attachment to clean around your braces and teeth by pushing a button that shoots out a water stream. It is best to hold the attachment at a 90 degree angle toward your gum line so that the water can effectively get rid of any trapped food and built-up plaque.

Even though it is more difficult to floss while wearing braces, trying these methods and devices can make the process more manageable. Keeping your teeth clean will pay off when you’re able to show off a healthy smile when it is time to remove your braces.